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8 reasons to get your child into dance TODAY!

Stepup Academy, SUA Ballet

With so many options for after-school enrichment activities for kids in Dubai, we’ve made the choice easy for you with the top 8 reasons to get your child into dance today!


Dance is an enjoyable way for kids to stay fit and active, building both strength and cardiovascular fitness in one class. With today’s generation spending much more time indoors and in front of various tech screens and the World Health Organisation showing childhood obesity rates in the UAE at 36% and rising; creating healthy and active habits has never been more important.


Friends who dance together stay together!

It’s true! All our teachers can all vouch for it! Sticking together year after year in the studio, progressing through the levels together, dance examinations, performances, end of year shows; dance forms strong bonds that can last a lifetime!

Stepup Academy, SUA Ballet Student


You can always spot a dancer in the crowd; standing up tall, with a long neck, shoulders down and tummies in. Dancers are known for their great posture. Dance develops core strength and the technique focuses on an enhanced awareness of the posture, shapes and movement of the body.


Dancers work hard. They are encouraged in every class and at every moment to strive to be the very best they can be. It’s an art form where one never can be ‘perfect’ – even the top artists are always striving to improve. This work ethic is known to rub off onto other areas of their life – in school, in music, in sport and later in their careers.


Students are taught respect in the classroom; respect for their teacher, their classmates, the studio and the art form. Students are taught from a young age to say please and thank, address the teacher appropriately, not interrupt, patiently wait their turn and apologise if they are late. The discipline and rules put in place are not only there to help the student feel secure, know what to expect and help the class run smoothly, but also to form good habits for future learning and life.

Stepup Academy, SUA Ballet


Performing in a group either for an exam, event or show means making a commitment to your team. Choreography and formations require students to be precise and work together to make the performance look good as a whole picture; not just an individual performance. Partnering work such as lifts also require students to develop trust in one another, to be there to catch them, to be at rehearsals and to make it to the performance or they will let their team mates down.


It takes a lot of guts to get up on the stage and perform in front of a crowd. Dance helps build the confidence in classes through a gradual combination of repetition of the steps and work to be performed, and positive reinforcements and feedback from their teachers. Students are also taught to be supportive of one another; opportunities are given in class for students to perform to each other in smaller groups to help even the shyest of students to come out of their shell. Once they get a taste for the stage, the buzz of performing and receiving applause, we often find those that were once very scared can’t wait to get back up on the stage!

8. FUN!

Most importantly – DANCE IS GOOD FUN!

When you hear a good beat and can’t help but tap your feet, that’s the same feeling you get in dance class – only 100 times greater when you nail a great combination in class or master a new skill! The feeling of leaving a great dance class, glistening with sweat with your dance mates and knowing you tried your hardest – you just can’t beat that (unless it was on the stage!)

Stepup Academy, SUA Hip-hop

The good news is it is never too late to start!


StepUp Academy offers classes from 15months through to adults in wide range of styles in our flagship purpose built dance studios in MotorCity and in many locations throughout Dubai. Please get in contact with our reception team for more details on or phone 04 453 4360.

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