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A day in the life of StepUp Summer Camp

A day in the life of StepUp Summer Camp

Wondering what we get up to at our multi-skill summer camps? Check out a day in the life of our camps!

8.30am – Circle Time

We sit in a circle, take register and introduce some fun games for students to relax and get to know each other a little better. Today in the junior room we are going around the circle giving our name and telling our classmates our favourite food and favourite animal! We are also talking a little about our theme for camp this week – which songs, acting scenes and dances we have learnt and what fun activities we can expect from our timetable today.

Stepup Academy | Musical Theatre

9am – Musical Theatre

Time to warm up those vocal chords! Some fun and sometimes silly vocal warm up exercises are introduced to get our campers ready to have fun with their singing! Have you tried to say “red leather, yellow leather” over and over again as fast as you can? Go on – give it a go! Now time to practice the song we have been learning this week and today add some new actions to it.

9.30am – Karate

Time for karate class with Budo Juku! We take to the mats for our warm up then learn some techniques which we practice moving across the floor – from kicks to strong karate arm movements. Our instructor demonstrates some fun partner work and we get to pair up with our new friends to practice the movements which today includes a roll onto the floor!


Time to wash our hands, get seated with our lunchboxes and get to know our new friends a little better over our healthy snacks.

10.30am – Arts and Crafts

We’re designing special masks today ready to wear for our performance to our parents on Thursday! Our teacher lets us know which colours and materials we have to make them from then we get a chance to get creating! We’ll draw up our designs first then get to talk them through with our teacher before we start creating tomorrow.

Stepup Academy | performing Arts

11.15am – Acting Class

We start off with some acting games to improve our confidence in speaking in front of the group and practice expressing different emotions with our face and body. We then move onto practicing our acting scene we’ve been working on this week! We’ve all been working super hard to remember our lines and now we need to put the scene into action; practicing stage placement, working on projecting our voices and using more expression ready for the performance!

Stepup Academy | performing Arts
Stepup Academy | performing Arts

11.45pm Bouncy Castle

It’s Bouncy Castle day!!!! Our favourite day of camp week! The bouncy castle is set up in one of the studios and we get to bounce around with our friends to music and burn off some energy. Our teacher even plays games with us like musical bumps on the bouncy castle!

12.15pm Lunch

Lunch time! We’ve certainly worked up an appetite. Back to our tables and chairs for our lunch.


12.45pm Movie Time

We sit down for a bit of quiet time to let our food settle. Lights out, pull up a cushion and time to catch up on where we left our film yesterday – this week we are watching Mary Poppins!

1.15pm Dance Class

We get warmed up again with some fun upbeat music and dance moves following along with our teacher. After a quick stretch we are ready to go! We will continue to practice our dance we have been learning ready for this week’s performance.

1.45pm Science Experiment

Things are about to get messy! Today we’re discovering if we can make our own volcanos by seeing what happens when you drop Mentos into a bottle of Pepsi!

Stepup Academy | performing Arts

2.15pm Team Games

Hot potato! Don’t be the one holding the ball when the song stops or you’re out! We also did a fun obstacle course today which included a climbing wall, swing, bridge and bean bag races! We got to team up and first team to finish all, won!

Stepup Academy | performing Arts

3pm Home time!

Another fun day with my new friends – excited for tomorrow – it’s show day! We get to dress up and there’s face painting too!

*This is a guide to activities held over previous StepUp Academy Camps. The timetable, activities and the timings are an example only as these may slightly change from camp to camp, day to day and within the different age groups. Other activities often included in our camps include; ball skills, face painting, story time, baking, gardening, music, team building activities, brain games and gymnastics.

Our camps work towards a performance to parents at the end of the theme which can run for one or two weeks. In this performance campers showcase their singing, acting, and dancing they have learnt through the week within the camp theme and also create all the props and staging used for the performance in their arts and craft sessions!

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