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How-To do Basic Make-Up for Stage – Under 5 years

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Get your tiny stars ready for their stage debut!

We know make-up on younger students can be a challenge! We like to keep it simple, save the time struggling with eyeliner on little ones and just highlight their features so that they don’t get washed out under bright stage lights. Check out our easy to follow tutorial video below!

How-To do Basic Stage Make-Up - Under 5 years

Step 1- Mascara

Ask the child to look down as you apply mascara to the upper lashes only. Resting part of your hand on their cheek as you apply will help stop them from startling and smudging the mascara.

Step 2 – Blusher

Have the child do ‘fish lips’ to suck in the cheeks so that you can see where their cheekbones naturally stand out, apply just enough blusher to give the face a light flush of colour. Blusher or bronzer can then be lightly dusted over the nose and upper forehead to add a light colour to the face.

Step 3 – Lips

Ask them to relax and slightly part the lips, apply a bright shade of red or pink lipstick. Steer clear of darker shades of red which can make the lips appear purple or blue under the stage lights, and of course with the younger ones smudge-proof lipsticks are ideal!

Step 4 – SMILE

Your little one is all ready to go shine on stage!

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How To do the Perfect Ballet Bun

The Ballet Bun is an important part of the polished presentation and discipline of Ballet – it keeps the hair securely off the face and completes the elegant lines of the body.

Follow our Step-by-Step guide to help you master the perfect Ballet Bun for class, exams or the stage.

How to do a perfect ballet bun

You will need;

  • Hair Spray, Hair Gel or Mouse
  • Hair Brush and Comb
  • Hair Tie – in the same shade as your hair colour
  • Bun Pins – at least 10 wide V shaped in the same colour as your hair
  • Hair Net – thin and same colour as your hair

Step 1 – Prepare the Hair

Brush through the hair to remove any knots, apply hair spray, gel or mouse to help the hair hold better. Ideally it is best if the hair is not squeaky clean to start with, try not to wash you hair at least 24 hours beforehand.


Step 2 – Secure the Hair in a High PonyTail

Use a brush to pull the hair into a high ponytail. As this is the base of your ballet bun it is important that it is tied tight, use a comb to brush through and ensure there are no lumps or loose strands. The height of the pony tail can be determined by drawing an imaginary diagonal line upwards from your chin towards the back of your head, this positioning will give the most flattering line for ballet.


Step 3 – Wrap the Hair

Loosely wrap the hair around in hair tie, no need to twist and coil the hair as this will make it stick out more instead of the flat bun look.


Step 4 – Place Hair Net

Place the hair net over the bun. Tuck the ends of the net underneath the hair to ensure they are well hidden and then spread the hair out within the net to make a nice round, flat bun.

Step 5 – Secure the Bun

Use the wide V shaped bun pins to secure the bun in place. First press the ends down at the edge of the bun to capture the net and then press in underneath the hair to secure the hair pin out of sight and fixed under the hair tie. Use at least 10 hair pins around the bun to ensure it is tight and secure enough to hold through the dance.


Press Down


Then In

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Step 7 – Fix with Hair Spray

Fix the hair in place with hair spray and use a comb to push any stray hairs back in. This will ensure that the hair will stay in place throughout any class or performance work.