Dance and Performing Arts


Dance & Performing Arts Classes

The beauty of Dance allows a child to experience discipline and focus whilst learning and doing something they love. Our fully qualified staff are trained to teach your child in a creative learning environment where expression is celebrated and each child is nurtured to achieve their full potential. Whilst dance is a good source of exercise and has many physical benefits, it also plays a massive part in the emotional and social development for a child. A Dance class allows a distraction from everyday life, whilst creating an outlet for imagination and expression. Dancing can make a child feel physically refreshed and improve their mood, whilst also improving their spacial awareness, co-ordination, movement, flexibility and mobility. The life skills they will learn will prove invaluable and will stay with them forever.
Whether your child is looking to pursue a career in the performing arts or is attending class just for the fun factor and social element we have a suitable class. As we offer an extensive range of classes we are able to recommend the perfect class for your child, please take a look at the links below!