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How-To do Basic Make-Up for Stage – Under 5 years

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Get your tiny stars ready for their stage debut!

We know make-up on younger students can be a challenge! We like to keep it simple, save the time struggling with eyeliner on little ones and just highlight their features so that they don’t get washed out under bright stage lights. Check out our easy to follow tutorial video below!

How-To do Basic Stage Make-Up - Under 5 years

Step 1- Mascara

Ask the child to look down as you apply mascara to the upper lashes only. Resting part of your hand on their cheek as you apply will help stop them from startling and smudging the mascara.

Step 2 – Blusher

Have the child do ‘fish lips’ to suck in the cheeks so that you can see where their cheekbones naturally stand out, apply just enough blusher to give the face a light flush of colour. Blusher or bronzer can then be lightly dusted over the nose and upper forehead to add a light colour to the face.

Step 3 – Lips

Ask them to relax and slightly part the lips, apply a bright shade of red or pink lipstick. Steer clear of darker shades of red which can make the lips appear purple or blue under the stage lights, and of course with the younger ones smudge-proof lipsticks are ideal!

Step 4 – SMILE

Your little one is all ready to go shine on stage!

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